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Follow Local Cricket Like Never Before!

Play Fantasy Cricket for your Local Matches, Don't Just Follow Commentary, Create Your own Team and win Exciting Rewards

 No Team Restrictions and 0% Commission Fees*

Want to host your matches? Contact us now to learn more!


Key Features

Scoring: No extra effort from your end! Either score on OffTrade or we will directly take scores from your platform!


No team restrictions: Build any team you want with no limits on the number of players or types.

0% commission fees: Keep all of your hard-earned winnings. Only pay minimal transaction fees.

Seamless user experience: A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and play on the platform.


How To Play?

Join a match: Browse through the list of available matches, and join the one that interests you the most. 

Make your team: Choose any players you want from the available pool, and select up to three quantities of a single player. You don't even have to form a full 11-player team - just pick the players you think will perform the best in the match.

Track the Leaderboard: Once the match starts, keep track of your team's performance and your ranking on the leaderboard. 


With our flexible approach to fantasy sports, you have the freedom to play your way to the top!

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